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After 17 issues in hebrew, few weeks ago we published our first magazine in english and I want to use this stage to invite you to see it.

Composition is a new & unique photography magazine that combines breath-taking photos, in-depth interviews with top photographers, practical tutorials and gear reviews.
The first issue contains Interviews with both Joey Lawrence and David hobby along with 10 other articles discussing Architecture Photography, Street Photography, Macro, Lens review and so on.
Composition is a reader-supported magazine, which means it is 100% commercial free and hence depends solely on your support in order to keep going and cost 1.99$.

here you can see our magazine -
since this is our first English version your comments are warmly welcomed

you can like us on facebook as well
Hi everyone I decided to write some Journals so that you'll get some added value except for just watching my lovely photos and once in a blue moon :)
So in this note I'll share with you some great photography blogs that I love. All of them were checked for few months and passed my selection. Feel free to add some of your own.

you can check also my facebook page if you want to  :)

The Strobist -  if someone doesn't know this blog it so leave my note and go check it! I saw this blog by David Hobby a year ago and it changed my perspective about photography in general and lighting particularly. His blog is about using your small flash not on your camera.

Scott Kelby Guest Blog Wednesday - every Wednesday, Scott featuring another photographer for an interview. Throw this interviews I got to know some good photographers.

Digital Photography School - I don't know if I can call it a blog but there is a lot of great articles every week. I am finding myself waiting every week for this newsletter and get a lot of inspiration from the photos and the interesting posts.

Joe Mcnally - one of the best photographer I saw. Sharing from his experience. Recommend to check sometimes.

Zack Arias - another great informative blog by a first league photographer.

DIY Photography - if you are lazy or have too much money to spend so it's not the place for you. otherwise you can find some great tips for Do It Yourself

Would like to hear what do you said about this concept and of course to get to know some new blog and of course feel free to share with your friends.
I figure out that I am almost 4 years here and never say hello to you :)

so it's about time.

my name is Guy like you can see and I am a young photographer from Israel

I discovered my love of photography during a long trip to South America at 2004-5, and now this passion to capture the moment with a click of the camera has been with me ever since.

Photography for me is another way to look and see the world from unique and different angles.

Ordinary things (sights) can become extraordinary when captured through the camera's lens.

When I'm not taking pictures, I am working at Galitz School of Photography and I'm an MBA student at Tel- Aviv University.